• sampling hairstyles is a peace of cake.
    sampling hairstyles is a peace of cake.Sampling hairstyles is a peace of cake.
    You can use both pre-stored hairstyles and your original hairstyles from pictures by sampling.
    The way for sampling is just choose where the hair part is and the other parts are.
    There is no need like using Photoshop or other technical operations.
  • Arranging catalogue whatever you want.
    Arranging catalogue whatever you want.Arranging catalogue whatever you want.
    The hairstyles stored in catalogue are attached some tags such as brown bob or black short. You can search all short hairstyles or just brown short hairstyles with tags.
  • Natural hairstyles compositions.
    Natural hairstyles compositions.Natural hairstyles compositions.
    Your pictures taken by iPad's camera are used for hairstyle composition.
    Compositing hairstyle and face automatically, extending or moving only hair parts, tilting customer's head to one side adorably.
    Any ways create natural pictures, therefore you can try various hairstyles until you find the best one.
  • Consulting coloring
    Consulting coloringConsulting coloring
    Sturk handles lots color and brightness. You can be particular about coloring when you compositing hairstyles.