What is Sturk?
Sturk is the hairstyle simulator for beauty parlors.
Even though many hairstyle simulartors have been released, they are not useful enough because of handling only pre-stored hairstyles or lacking of face detection and so on.
Sturk make you to suggest hairstyles to customers easily by sampling your own hair styles from pictures and compositing hairstyles naturally.
sturk sample
In such cases!
There is a certain customer who has been proud of her long hair. She feels like cutting off her hair, but she hesitates because she worries about how her hair is going to be… At such case, Sturk lets you try to change hairstyles like short, medium, whatever you want to be!!
hair model
hair model
hair stype part1 hair stype part2 hair stype part3 hair stype part4
Available on PC, smart phone, tablets
You can use Sturk on most Internet Browsers on Mac and Windows.
Supported Browsers.
-Chrome:Ver.15 or later / -Safari:Ver.5 or later / -Firefox:Ver.7 or later / -InternetExplorer:Ver.9 or later
iPhone and iPad App are available on the App Store. Off course, its Free!